Join my list of clients that trust me to deliver outstanding images – no matter what!  My clients send me to mountain tops, at night, during blizzards. Underwater. Underground. Into Casinos. Cockpits. Celebrity Parties. Local. National Overseas. Super Secret Laboratories. Cubicles. Cliffs. Ballrooms. Boardrooms. Factory Floors. You get the idea.

It’s challenging and fun and a long time coming. I’m a Salt Lake City, Utah photographer with over 20 years experience. Along the way I’ve learned the ropes on staff at local studios, before moving on to work primarily on location throughout the Intermountain West.

On any given day I might be planning an aerial shoot; building a set to photograph a single falling leaf for a billboard campaign; experimenting with the latest gear; meeting an art director to go over comps; or processing 2000 images in the digital darkroom. Maybe I’m running backwards, knee-deep in snow, photographing a team of Clydesdales – or lighting a photo shoot on a Maui beach at sunset. It’s challenging and fun and a long time coming.

My images are used in ad campaigns, corporate publications, magazines, and web sites. Clients include: Home Depot, Kennecott, Proctor & Gamble, Showtime, Toyota and Bank of America. My work has been featured in InStyle, People and Time; on New York City billboards and in luxury homes.

Please contact me to discuss the project you’ve got in mind! You’ll get same-day estimates, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service.