Industrial/Editorial Photographer : Professional Photography Services in the Intermountain Area

I’m fascinated by people and what they do. By how things are made and who makes them. I love the connection hard working people have with their occupations. You can see it if you look closely enough. The pride. The passion. The grit it takes to go into a mine or an office building. An automotive factory or power plant. It’s there.

As someone who’s gripped by the power of imagery as well, I can capture exactly what you’re looking for with a personal touch to boot. With over 25 years of experience offering professional photography services throughout the Intermountain Area, I have an eye for the sleek and refined as well as the rugged and bold.

I’ve spent my entire life telling the stories of professionals throughout multiple states with a camera. I can do this for you too. I welcome the opportunity to discuss my professional photography services in the Intermountain Area with you. Contact me now to talk photos!

“Douglas has been my “go to” shooter in industrial settings for more than a decade. Whether it’s a giant power plant or a gathering of the folks in charge of it, Douglas is always on time, professional and prepared. A self-starter with a great bedside manner, I can rely on Douglas to bring more than just a lens. He’s my de facto on location art director who is skilled at putting his subjects at ease and bringing humanity to shots that could easily turn out sterile and uninteresting.”

John Ward
President, John Ward Inc.

“I loved working with Douglas. He was very easy to communicate with and very responsive to any questions or requests. He’s a very talented photographer (evidenced by his website). Our architectural firm had Douglas Barnes Photography provide headshots and completed project photos that turned out great. He kindly provided CDs with both hi-res and low-res images that we could easily access for producing all kinds of marketing material. I would highly recommend working with DBP.”

Valerie Harris
President of Harris and Associates

“I’ve worked with Douglas for many years now, have traveled around the world with him, and there is nobody better at assessing a situation and getting the “shot” every single time. Douglas is the type of guy you can give an assignment to, and not have to worry if he can get the job done on time, with minimal input, and on budget. I’ve probably hired Douglas no less than two dozen times and he just “gets it” for event photography as well as creative brand photography. He understands MLM events better than any photographer I’ve ever worked with. He can get people to smile, coordinate a shot, and do it without oversight or micro-management direction.”

Kerry Brown
President and Founder at SIX Nutrition – Premium Men’s Health Brand

“I’ve called on Douglas Barnes Photography for several photography needs for my company and received stunning results. His photos have created a top-tier image for us consistently above expectations. Among the highest skill of photo quality I’ve seen in Salt Lake City. Highly recommend.”

Jonathan Mauer
Radius Media

“Douglas is a first-rate creative pro. Not only does he deliver on the tangible side (finished photography), but he’s eminently personable and fun to work with. Our projects require long hours with hundreds of personality types, and Douglas unfailingly keeps us positive with a ready smile and an upbeat word. I recommend Doug without hesitation.”

Dave Webb
VP, Communications at XANGO

“I have been calling on Douglas Barnes to capture amazing images for my clients for nearly 20 years. Whether I need a simple studio image or a complex, multi-week location shoot for a catalog — he is my go-to photographer. From beautiful fashion to down-in-the-ditch construction, Doug has always remained agile while capturing the individual style needed for each of my clients.”

Karen Goodsell
BONK Marketing