Environmental Portrait Photography

Whether you and your staff are outside each day in the field, settled studiously in the office, or between multiple environments, you need pictures that convey professionalism and personality. I can produce these characteristics for your photos in any location, capturing beautiful shots that sell themselves for decades to come. Read below and view various portfolio samples to discover the impact of my environmental portrait photography in the Intermountain Area.

The Power of a Photo

No matter what marketing initiative your team is preparing, there’s one asset that unequivocally drives brand personality: an impactful image. The power of a human face, coupled with a distinct and innate background environment, is the bedrock of human-to-human connection from a marketing perspective.

I’ve spent my career mastering how to capture my subjects’ authentic personalities, your organization’s brand, and a message that speaks to your clients or customers. In my examples below, you’ll see the power of texture, subtlety, and placement—all designed to help your work come to life through pictures.

An Unparalleled Edge

Appreciating the importance of context and nuance ought to be part of every professional photographer’s skill set. That’s a large part of why I’ve established my environmental portrait photography services in the Intermountain Area.

This geographic area gives me the flexibility, options, and diversity to create any environment necessary for stunning photos. Whether you need me outside in the middle of the winter or acquainted with the polished intricacies of corporate offices, or any context in between, I can produce jaw-dropping images for you.

Let’s Work Together 

I specialize in making everyday people feel comfortable in front of a camera. Whether they’re working at the assembly line or an executive at the top of the food chain,” I’ll scout the location to find the best spot to let them shine. Doing this comes naturally for me and it’ll feel the same for whoever you book me to photograph. You’ll get quick online previews, retouching, and speedy delivery of all your final files. Contact me today!